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Bird Science

29 2019-10

Footprints of ancient birds found in Junggar Basin

(Reporter You Xueqing) Recently, a professional journal "Palaeoworld" published an article stating that paleontologists have found a large number of fossils of birds and dinosaur footprints on the edge of the Junggar Basin in Xinjiang, and have thus restored the ghost town area about 120 million years ago. Diverse paleontological groups and humid paleoclimate environments.
23 2019-10

34 years now! "Titan Bird" has been renamed, and there are birds bigger than it

The Royal Society's scientific report also released this important report on elephants. Experts said: Extinct elephant birds contain rich possibilities for biodiversity research, and the world's largest new identity of birds is exposed.
18 2019-10

Birds have such a role in the food chain!

The internal connection formed between organisms through the food network is the food chain defined by scientists. For example, plant-eating ... birds also need to feed young chicks in addition to their own needs during this period.
10 2019-10

180 species of birds inhabit Shenzhen Bay, experts unveil wetland "biochain"

"Big fish eat small fish, and small fish eat shrimp." Only with this high-quality environment can a complete biological chain be presented in Shenzhen Bay. Yesterday, our newspaper reported the recent gathering of fish in Shenzhen Bay, which aroused many readers' attention to the ecology of Shenzhen Bay. On the same day, Shen Dujun contacted relevant departments and industry experts to unveil the "bird collection of Shenzhen Bay" The biological world behind "Scales", and Shenzhen's efforts in ecological civilization construction over the years.
20 2019-09

Bird embryos can sense external alerts and transmit signals

Science and Technology Daily, Beijing, July 24 (Reporter Zhang Mengran) According to a study published online by the British journal Nature, Ecology and Evolution on the 23rd, embryos in bird eggs can perceive alarm calls from adult birds and pass The way the vibration will be.
16 2019-09

Early bird evolution may be more complicated than expected, Sino-U.S. Scientists reveal Spain's mysterious bird footprint

Jiefang Daily · Shangguan News reporter was informed that on July 22, Chinese and American paleontologists announced that they had found a number of special footprints in the northern province of Asturias and Lufeng, Yunnan, China. At the turn of the Cretaceous-Cretaceous period, these areas lived in a strange type of ancient birds or bird-shaped dinosaurs. This discovery is of great significance for studying the distribution and evolution of late Mesozoic bird and dinosaur fauna in Europe and China.
10 2019-09

Birds evolved from dinosaurs

20 2019-08

Scientists explore causes of biodiversity of perching birds

18 2019-08

Amazing nature: our favorite bird

05 2019-08

World rare bird flamingo

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