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Research Institute for the Protection of Bird Biodiversity of CBCGDF


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Research Institute for the Protection of Bird Biodiversity of CBCGDF

Research Institute for the Protection of Bird Biodiversity of CBCGDF

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China Green Development Association for Bird Biodiversity Conservation Research Institute was co-sponsored by China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (China Green Development Association) and Sichuan Wanniao Culture Communication Co., Ltd., and was established on July 12, 2019. The Research Institute is a non-profit scientific research institution under the China Green Development Council. The mission of the academy is to devote itself to the research and development of measures for the protection of global bird diversity, promote the improvement of ecological environment, promote the construction of ecological civilization, green sustainable development, and benefit future generations.

一、Academy establishment background

Bird is an important indicator of biodiversity assessment and monitoring as well as ecological environment impact assessment. In recent years, with the expansion of agriculture, substitution of trees, pollution, invasion of alien species, over hunting, climate change and other factors, the damage to birds and biodiversity is becoming increasingly serious, and the protection of biodiversity is increasingly attached great importance by the international community. In order to implement the relevant provisions of China's biodiversity conservation strategy and action plan (2011 & mdash; 2030) and strengthen China's biodiversity conservation, the establishment of China Green Development Association bird Biodiversity Conservation Research Institute will systematically and deeply understand and understand the research of China's bird habitat, conservation area, birdwatching area and other natural environment from different perspectives and fields Research, protection, governance, and related science popularization.

二、Management Institute

The Academy has set up a council responsible for the management and major decision-making of the Academy. China Green Development Council, international biodiversity experts, and Wanniao Culture Communication Co., Ltd. serve as directors. Dean responsibility system under the leadership of the council is implemented.

Chairman of the Board: China Green Hair Association. The China Green Development Association is a national public welfare foundation and a national first-level society, which is supervised by the China Science and Technology Association and registered by the Ministry of Civil Affairs. The purpose of the China Green Development Committee: to mobilize the society as a whole to care and support the cause of biodiversity conservation and green development, protect national strategic resources, promote green development, ensure sustainable social and economic development, promote the construction of ecological civilization and the harmony between man and nature Build a beautiful home for humanity.

Deputy Director and Dean: Ai Yakang, entrepreneur, freelance photographer. Born in the 1960s, the Yi man loved photography from a young age. In recent years, Aiyakang took more than three years to reach dozens of countries and regions and photographed nearly 3,000 wild birds. Practice is to use the power of video to complete real wild bird records, promote the protection of natural ecology and birds, and spread harmonious people and nature to the world. With the support of the China Green Hair Development Association, the “Yakorn International Bird Love Project” was launched, and the first “Aikang World Bird Love Festival” launching ceremony was held in June 2019.

三、Development of the Institute

1. Promote "Aiyakang World Bird Love Festival" on a global scale.

2. Carry out global protection of bird diversity and related science popularization and publicity work, and encourage more environmentalists to participate in the public welfare activities of Love Birds and Homes.

3. For the study of the protection and management of natural habitats such as bird habitats, protected areas, and bird-watching areas, provide local governments and related enterprises and institutions in various regions with relevant consulting work on governance and decision-making.

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