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‘’ Bird King ’’

‘’ Bird King ’’


Bird resources are precious natural treasures of the earth. At present, there are 156 families and 9,000 species of birds known in the world, but 139 species have become extinct, and protecting birds is an urgent task.


Vice Chairman and Dean of China Green Hair Development Institute for Bird Biodiversity Conservation

Chairman of Sichuan Wanniao Culture Communication Co., Ltd., entrepreneur and freelance photographer.


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A Yi man from Daliang Mountain, Sichuan, Aiyakang is not only an entrepreneur, but also a 'bird king', a freelance photographer and a writer, focusing on the art of photography of wild birds. Since the beginning of the 1980s, the company has been involved in petrochemical, mineral, aquaculture, wine, plastics, aviation, health, and cultural communication industries. After experiencing a baptism of thought, he respected his heart when his career was brilliant, determined to choose something more meaningful than doing business, and pursued the value of life. He has always loved photography and pursued the art of photography since he was a child. He eventually focused on photography of wild birds. It is expected that through the power of wild bird image recording, we call on people to love birds and protect birds, protect the natural environment, and fulfill the social responsibility of a contemporary entrepreneur.

In recent years, Aiyakang has devoted himself to the global public welfare of bird diversity protection, devoting himself to bird shooting and bird protection work around the world. It took more than three years to reach dozens of countries and regions, and has gone through arduous efforts to photograph nearly 3,000 wild birds. In order to promote the work, Aiyakang founded Sichuan Wanniao Culture Communication Co., Ltd., and co-sponsored the establishment of the China Green Development Association Bird Biodiversity Research Institute with the China Green Development Association, and served as the president of the institute. With the support of the China Green Hair Development Association, the “Yakorn International Bird Love Project” was launched. On June 17, 2019, the launching ceremony of the first “Ayakorn World Bird Love Festival” initiated by the Chinese was held.

The original intention of his creation was to show the diversity of natural creatures. Through photography, he advocated and practiced the environment and animal protection, and set out to establish a global animal protection fund. He is dedicated to the shooting of wild birds, calling on people to love birds and protect birds, practice the use of the power of video to complete the real record of wild birds, use the power of video to promote the protection of natural ecology and birds, and spread the harmony of human and bird to the world Natural beauty.

He is determined to travel to every country in the world in ten years and complete a "Encyclopedia of Birds of the World". He hopes that through the promotion of wild bird protection work, he will awaken more people to love birds and protect our birds and love our Mother Earth protects the natural ecological environment and benefits future generations.


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